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Development of industry in Leningrad region

Development of industry in Leningrad region

According to the operational data of Petrostat, industrial production index of Leningrad region amounted to 104.6% (to the similar period of the previous year) in 2019.

On the whole, growth of manufacturing industries came to 104.9%.

The largest growth by industries:

  • production of furniture (+31,9%)
  • production of coke and petroleum products (+17,6%)
  • repair and installation of machinery and equipment (+16,6%)
  • production of other vehicles and equipment (+12,7%)
  • production of chemicals (+9,5%)
  • production of textile products (+9,1%)⠀

Growth in extraction of mineral resources in the region amounted to 105.3% in comparison with 2018.

We wish our enterprises further growth! And we will continue to work actively for creation of favourable conditions for development!

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