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European business highly estimated investment climate of the region


The annual meeting of the investment team of the Government of Leningrad Region with the North-Western Regional Committee of the Association of European Businesses was held.

Andreas Bitzi, the head of the Regional Committee, presented the results of the annual survey among the members of the AEB about their satisfaction with investment climate of Leningrad region, a panel discussion with the companies operating in the region was also held.

  • 80% of companies plan to continue investing in Leningrad region.
  • 55% of the respondents noted improvement in the general assessment of the trends of investment climate.
  • 60% of the respondents received tax benefits while investing in Leningrad region.
  • 50% of the respondents still see some difficulties in the sphere of connection to electricity and some companies feel uncomfortable because of the difficulties concerning reporting requirements while using tax preferences.

Dmitry Yalov noted that direct dialogue allows us to know about the main problems of investors and to define directions for further development.

During the meeting representatives of the economic team of the Government of Leningrad Region and business support institutions – Front Office for Investor Relations, Industry Development Centre, Entrepreneurship Support Fund – answered questions of business.

By the way, as it was noted in the results of the survey, most companies know well where to go if they are interested in investing in Leningrad region. And during the panel session investors highly estimated support of the Front Office.

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