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Expansion of production in Pikalevo


Pikalevskiy Cement has completed modernization of cement grinding lines.

Modernization and technical re-equipment of a cement grinding line became the second phase of a large-scale investment project which allowed improving the quality of produced goods and expanding the range of produced goods.

Investments amounted to 200 million rubles. The cost of the first phase which was completed in August 2019 amounted to 150 million rubles.

Equipment of the leading world manufacturers is installed at the modernized grinding department. Implementation of the investment project also included large-scale construction work, reconstruction of air supply and aspiration systems, electric infrastructure, repair of existing buildings and structures.

Modernization was carried out without stopping the work of production lines and with all necessary preventive and safety measures according to the recommendations of federal and regional authorities.

First batches of cement with improved quality were already produced within commissioning works. The enterprise notes growing demand for its products and received positive feedback.

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