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Great prospects of online trading for business of Leningrad region

Great prospects of online trading for business of Leningrad region

Today the discussion about opportunities of online trading for regional entrepreneurs took place within the frameworks of the conferences “New crisis – new opportunities”.

Many companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, are forced to search for new growth areas in the current difficult situation of high-alert regime connected with the spread of coronavirus. And, according to the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of Leningrad Region Anton Finogenov, development of online retail is becoming not only an economic, but also a social factor.

Today there is a huge demand for employees and a part of available labour force from the affected industries can receive job. Small business receives markets due to the increased demand in online trading.

Director of Government Relations of OZON Sergey Kuchushev noted that e-commerce is a complex chain for which logistics aspect plays an important role, where both working manufacturers of products and operating infrastructure are important. Chairman of the Committee for E-Commerce Development of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the owner of 220 Volt Group of Companies Alexey Fedorov believes that the legislation should be renewed, because it does not correspond to the current situation in distance selling.

Maarif Alekperov, the founder of MUSLIM-1, which delivers farm products, noted that organization of sales at the largest marketplaces will allow expanding the audience. According to the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Leningrad Region Igor Muraviev, today large business can help small companies to overcome the crisis.

Anton Finogenov told that Leningrad region is working on an opportunity to provide subsidies for marketing expenses of small regional manufacturers which are entering marketplaces. This decision can be made in the near future.   

The discussion was moderated by a journalist Roman Gerasimov.

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