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“Green corridor for investors” expands geography


The Kirov region became acquainted with the best practices of the Leningrad region.
Director of the Economic Development Agency Anastasia Mikhalchenko presented practice at the regional strategic session on changing the indicators of the National Investment Attractiveness Rating.
The event was organized by the Smartek Agency for Strategic Initiatives.
Let us remind you that the “Green Corridor for Investors” is recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and ASI as one of the best Russian management practices. Anastasia spoke about the advantages of the system, the results of its implementation, and how it can be replicated in other regions.
Special attention to the investor’s personal account. This unique product is specially created for the tasks of investment development agencies. It ensures transparency of work at all stages, reducing deadlines, which ultimately reduces transaction costs.

“Green Corridor for Investors” complies with the Russian Regional Investment Standard, and also includes additional modules that have not yet been included in RIS 2.0 - work with resource supply organizations, local self-government bodies, digitalization of services through the investor’s personal account.

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