Investment portal of leningrad region

How to select an investment site in Leningrad region?


Information can be found at the interactive map “Investment Development of Leningrad Region” available at the investment portal of Leningrad region. The system contains information about available land plots, infrastructure and transport accessibility. There is also a mobile app.

Another way is to send an application for selection of an investment site to Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region.

How do employees of the Agency select sites?

We study the application of an investor thoroughly (that is why it should contain maximum details) and choose appropriate options according to it. We offer all available sites suitable for implementation of a project and meet technical requirements.

Why should investors contact the Agency?

Our base includes more than 250 sites (municipal, regional or private ones). Besides, this service is provided free of charge for investors planning to implement projects amounting to more than 300 million rubles in the territory of the region, except for remote districts. For projects being implemented in Lodeynopolsky, Podporozhsky and Boksitogorsky districts the minimum volume of investments is 50 million rubles.

What kind of sites will we offer?

The list of the sites includes both greenfield (without buildings) and brownfield (with buildings) sites. As a rule, we find 3 – 5 sites according to all parameters for implementation of technically complex projects or hazardous production projects. For small projects usually there are more sites – about 10.

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