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Improvement of cooperation with investors


Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region for the first time presented a project initiative at the session of the Organizational office for project management of Leningrad region.

The initiative on introduction of “Green corridor for investor” service by 2023 was presented by the Director of Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region and the Project Manager Anastasia Mikhalchenko.

The aim of the project is the introduction of a unified standard for interaction with business while implementing large investment projects and the development of “Investor’s personal account”.

The Agency calculated that over the year 166 consultations were conducted, 125 land plots were selected at requests of investors. 109 projects receive the support of the Agency.

“It is impossible to carry out such a volume of work without constant improvement of efficiency,” noted Anastasia Mikhalchenko. That is why the CRM system Bitrix has been implemented and it will be connected with Investor’s personal account.

“The project is very important and necessary. Today the portfolio of investment projects of Leningrad region includes more than 100 initiatives amounting to over 3.5 trillion rubles. The management of this investment portfolio must be coordinated at all levels, including municipal level,” commented Deputy Chairman of the Government of Leningrad Region Dmitry Yalov.

The initiative is aimed at the improvement of the efficiency of inter-departmental interaction during the work with investors.

The initiative was unanimously approved by the Organizational office for project management of Leningrad region. Within the project, “Investor’s personal account” and the standard for work with investors should be developed by the end of 2022.

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