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Industry of Leningrad region is growing


According to Petrostat, in September growth of industrial production index in comparison with the previous month amounted to 0.8%.

In general, according to the results of nine months, industrial production index of the region amounted to 99.3%.

Index of manufacturing industries of Leningrad region has grown by 1% and amounted to 100.8%.

The situation is stable in the sphere of extraction of minerals (102.4%) and water supply, wastewater disposal, waste collection and recycling, elimination of pollution (100.8%).

Among manufacturing industries the largest growth characterizes printing industry (144.5%), beverage production (144.4%) and production of computers, electronic and optical goods (136.8%) and other finished goods (127.6%).

Also manufacture of food products, tobacco products, textile and chemical substances has increased in Leningrad region.

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