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Innovations have arrived to the town of Slantsy


The development of impregnated paper production will bring investments and new jobs to the town of Slantsy.

According to a decree that was recently signed, a project on the creation of impregnated paper and phenolic film production is considered to be a large-scale project. In accordance with regional law, this status gives the right to the investor – Innovative Technologies – to rent a land plot for the implementation of the project without bidding procedures.

The area of the land plot for rent is 8,736 square meters, it is located in Slantsy, on the territory of the former factory Slantsy where today the company already has its operating production.

Impregnated paper is kraft paper impregnated with a special resin. The product is used as inner layers for the production of various types of decorative laminated paper.

The production capacities of the enterprise in Slantsy are suitable for the production of up to 7.2 thousand tonnes of impregnated paper and 20.7 million square meters of film per year, which is equivalent to 52 million square meters of finished products per year.

Today 65 employees work at the enterprise, its expansion will provide 15 new jobs to the town.  

The total estimated volume of investments is 215 million rubles, including 83.7 million rubles already invested in the creation of the production. The investment project is planned to be implemented by 2026.

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