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Investment Council was carried out in a new format


Today the focus is on the investment climate of Leningrad region. Implementation of investment projects, success and problems of investors were discussed during the session of the Council on Improvement of Investment Climate under the Governor. It took place in a new venue of a modern pharmaceutical production plant of Severnaya Zvezda.

The new format of the Investment Council is maximum attention to real investment projects and experience of investors in the region.

Five investment projects were presented:

  • production of finished medicines of Severnaya Zvezda
  • production of acoustic ceiling and wall panels based on stone wool Rockfon of Rockwool-North
  • construction of a biotechnological factory of ABIO LENINGRAD
  • construction of an organic waste recycling factory of EnergoKomplektatsia
  • construction of a factory of DRB Rus for production of components for Hyundai

The projects are at different implementation phases, so a wide range of issues were discussed: from planning and selection of a land plot for successful commissioning. Investors asked for assistance in connection to utilities, development of transport infrastructure, acceleration of time required for alteration land use and development rules.

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