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An investment project was launched at the Rockwool factory in Vyborg. The expansion of production using new technologies will halve carbon emissions at the enterprise.

The Governor of Leningrad region participated in the ceremony of launching the new investment project at the already operating enterprise of a Danish company Rockwool in Vyborg.

“Today there are so many construction objects in a dynamically developing Leningrad region, and there are no large construction sites that don’t use materials made by Rockwool. Talking about the 15th anniversary of the company, we talk not only about its achievements but also about its future. The company continues to develop, it feels comfortable in Leningrad region, in Vyborg, which is proved by the announced investments. And the main thing is that it uses new technologies, environmentally friendly production, products recycling – everything that is in demand by society today,” said the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko.

The new production line of the factory in Vyborg will be using low-carbon electric melting technology that will allow halving carbon emissions at the enterprise. The company is planning to invest about 17 billion rubles in the expansion of its capacities in Vyborg and in the modernization of equipment and technological processes at other Russian sites. The expansion will allow the creation of more than 70 additional jobs.

The president of Rockwool Group of Companies Jens Birgersson noted that the expansion of production capacities will allow meeting the growing demand for building materials produced by low-carbon production sites and achieving the goals of the company concerning decarbonization. In order to achieve these goals, the company has invested considerable resources in the development of new low-carbon electric melting technologies that will be introduced according to the long-term decarbonization strategy.

Rockwool factory, established in 2006 in Vyborg, delivers its products to Northwestern and Central federal districts and to Finland. Since its establishment, the total volume of investments in production in Vyborg has amounted to 5.73 billion rubles. More than 200 employees work at the enterprise, the average salary exceeds 82,000 rubles.

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