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Leningrad region and Belarus will develop projects in the agro-industrial complex, housing and communal services and the forest complex


Prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation were discussed at the meeting by Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Leonid Zayats.

“The conditions of the sanctions played on the development of our ties. Over the past year, the trade turnover between our regions has grown by a quarter. We not only intensified our traditional contacts, but also opened up new areas of cooperation, in particular, within a year we organized relationships in the field of veterinary medicine and replaced imported vaccines. We hope for the development of a joint project for the construction of the Amkodor equipment plant, we will develop the construction of well-proven drinking water treatment plants. We are considering expanding the programs for the purchase of urban transport and forestry equipment. We have gained a good pace of cooperation and we will keep them,” said Alexander Drozdenko, noting the importance of relations in the field of culture, tourism, and youth policy.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Leonid Zayats also noted the high level of cooperation between the two regions, stressed the importance of implementing projects in the agro-industrial complex, building a plant for the production of tracks and agricultural machinery in the Gatchina region.

The parties agreed that the dialogue will continue in June 2023, in the Leningrad region at the XI joint meeting of the working group on cooperation between the Leningrad region and the Republic of Belarus and in September in Minsk, where it is planned to sign the Agreement between the government of the Leningrad region and the Minsk regional executive committee.


At the end of 2022, the trade turnover of the Leningrad Region with the Republic of Belarus increased by 25%. The Republic of Belarus took 2nd place in terms of trade, 1st place in imports and 2nd place in exports among the CIS counterparties of the Leningrad Region.

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