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Leningrad region increases export of coffee


Every third cup of tea and coffee and natural roasted coffee drunk in Russia is produced by Orimi Group of Companies. One modern production plant of Orimi already operates in Vsevolozhsky district and now the new factory for production of instant coffee was opened.

Large-scale figures of the project:

  • 4,200 tonnes of coffee per year – planned volume of production at the first phase with further increase up to 8,500 tonnes;
  • More than 25,000 m2 – area of production premises of the new enterprises;
  • 510 new jobs.

“We keep guarantees and promises which we make to investors. This allows Leningrad region to stay among the leaders in terms of investments in Russia. The new factory means new jobs, taxes, new technologies. The volume of investments amounted to 6.4 billion rubles and 60% of them – in equipment and technologies. It is important for me that companies working in Leningrad region feel comfortable. 80% of large enterprises operating in the region expand their business step by step. And this is the best indicator of investment climate,” noted the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko during the opening of the factory.

The factory will have full production cycle of natural instant coffee under Jardin and Jockey brands and in 2020 production of natural coffee will be transferred to this factory from the factory in the settlement named after Sverdlov. Coffee from Leningrad region is presented in all Russian regions and exported to 35 countries.

Orimi Group of Companies was the first to use a subsidy for trading activity: the more company earns, the more the subsidy and income tax benefit is. This unique cashback for traders is offered only in Leningrad region.   

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