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Leningrad region is aimed at positive development


The forecast of socio-economic development of Leningrad region up to 2024 was approved.

“Despite the unstable situation connected with coronavirus, the results of 2020 are positive for Leningrad region. In terms of the volume of investments, the volume of provided transport services, retail turnover, the volume of housing construction, we have not shown just high dynamics, but dynamics opposite to the general pace in Russia.

The results of seven months of 2021 also show positive dynamics, that is why we have reasons to predict growth in the main directions for the development of economy and social sphere,” said Deputy Chairman of the Government of Leningrad Region – Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity Dmitry Yalov.  

The forecast of socio-economic development of Leningrad region for 2022–2024 was prepared considering the external conditions of the world and Russian economy, determined by the economic and epidemiological factors of development, based on the scenario conditions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The project is traditionally offered in two versions: basic economic growth that provides recovery of employment and income of the population, and long-term structural changes in the economy, and a conservative version developed in case of the more protracted recovery of the global economy.

According to the basic version of the forecast, in 2024 the physical volume index of GRP in Leningrad region will come to 110.7% in comparison with 2021 (or 1.68 trillion rubles). In case the economy recovers actively, the annual growth of industrial production over 2022-2024 will amount to 3.3%, of agriculture – to 1.3%, the volume of performed work in construction – 1.9%, retail trade – 2.8%. The volume of investments is expected to grow by 13% annually and the share of investments in the GRP of the region will increase up to 51.3%.

According to the forecast, the indicators of the standard of living of the population are expected to show positive dynamics in 2022-2024. The basic version of the forecast includes the annual growth of real monetary income by about 2.7% and real salary – by 2.3%. By 2024 the annual monthly salary will increase up to 62,000 rubles.   

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