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Leningrad region joins decarbonization processes


Micro hydroelectric power stations, wind power stations, carbon-free area – these promising directions in the sphere of green energy were presented by Leningrad region at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The head of the region Alexander Drozdenko presented the opportunities of Leningrad region in the development of alternative energy projects during the session “Decarbonization in the Russian industrial sector: challenges and opportunities, broad regional prospects”.

“Introduction of a carbon tax in 2023 is a challenge for Leningrad region, because we are an export region and our main partners are European countries. That’s why we promote a solution concerning the inclusion of nuclear power into “green” energy, this is relevant for the region, taking into consideration the introduction of new power-generating units of Leningrad nuclear power plant-2. Second, we came up with a legislative initiative to include new land in reforestation. And, of course, we have advantages in the development of hydroelectric power stations and wind power projects and already today we propose implementation of these projects to investors,” said the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko.

Today several companies consider an opportunity to locate wind power stations in Leningrad region. They include TGC-1, VES Sviritsa, Enel Group of companies. The total capacity of these win stations will amount to 265 MW.

Talking about micro hydroelectric power stations, 8 stations already operate in the region and production of green hydrogen from hydropower is a possibility for the near future. The region plans to create a network of hydroelectric power stations which will be working for export as well.

Alexander Drozdenko also announced an agreement with RUSNANO which will be signed during SPEIF, concerning the implementation of a pilot project on the creation of a carbon-free area in Leningrad region.

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