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Main topics of the plenary public talk of BRIEF’20


Federal and regional speakers will take part in the plenary public talk of BRIEF’20:

  • Vasiliy Osmakov – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Alexander Drozdenko – Governor of Leningrad region
  • Matthias Schepp – Representative of the German economy in the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board at the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce
  • Ashok Ram Mohan – President of affiliated companies Philip Morris International in Russia and Belarus
  • Yuri Simachev – Director for Economic Policy of National Research University Higher School of Economics
  • Maxim Bouev – Vice-Rector for Strategic Development of the New Economic School

Together with the speakers all participants of the forum will discuss economic issues:

  • Diagnosis of the economy after 6 months of pandemics, possible scenarios for the upcoming year, drivers of growth
  • How to move from the strategy of incorporating into the global value chains to the strategy of developing regional analogues of the global value chains, with regard to the new regionalization trends of the international economy? What are the "rules" of this new game and what is its prize?
  • What instruments of state support are highly demanded by the industrial enterprises, protection of home industries by the state to create national fragments of the global value chains
  • Opportunities of export growth in the period of changes after the pandemics

Questions to the speakers can be asked online.

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