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Multi-billion investments and hundreds of new jobs


An active construction phase of the ammonia and carbamide production plant was launched in Kingisepp.

The enterprise of EuroChem North-West-2 for the production of ammonia and carbamide will bring 125 billion rubles of investments to the economy of Leningrad region and over 400 hi-tech jobs.

“EuroChem today differs from what it was twenty years ago not only in terms of its capacity but also its production culture and used technologies. Today it is a modern production of the strictest environmental standards. We work with the company as one coordinated team, we have good credit of trust to each other. We use this work as a good example for the relations with other large investors in the region,” said the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko during his visit to the site of the future enterprise.

The capacity of the new enterprise of EuroChem North-West-2 will amount to 1.1 tonnes of ammonia and 1.4 million tonnes of carbamide per year. The release of the first products and the achievement of project indicators are planned for 2023. This project is the second phase of the development of EuroChem industrial site in Kingisepp. A factory for the production of 1 million ammonia per year was already launched in June 2019 as the first phase of the project.

EuroChem North-West-2 will contribute to the natural gas processing in Russia, will create more than 400 new hi-tech jobs with the competitive salary, will provide the growth of annual non-energy export in Russia by 0.4 billion USD annually and additional budgetary receipts that will play a significant role in the development of Leningrad region.

The enterprise will have a closed cycle of water circulation that will allow taking and purifying water of any quality and reuse it in the technological process several times without sewage production. This system will allow taking sewage from the neighbouring production plants for the industrial needs and that will have a positive effect on the ecosystem of the Luga river and the basin of the Gulf of Finland on the whole.  

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