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National project for success of regional enterprises

National project for success of regional enterprises

Leningrad region launches the national project “Labour productivity and employment support”. The main benefit for the regional enterprises is real and free opportunity to introduce lean manufacturing principles for significant improvement of competitiveness.

Deputy Chairman of the Government of Leningrad Region Dmitry Yalov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Petr Zaselskiy and Director General of the Federal Centre of Competencies in the Sphere of Labour Productivity Nikolay Solomon presented aims of the national project and plans for implementation of the project in Leningrad region during a seminar for the regional enterprises.

Dmitry Yalov told about a decision to provide the participants of the national project with an opportunity to use investment tax deduction. Besides, “Factory of processes” will be established which will allow both enterprises and state institutions to use successful experience.

The main criteria for participation in the national project:

  • income of an enterprise – from 400 million rubles to 30 billion rubles per year;
  • work in one of priority spheres: manufacturing industry, agriculture, transport, trade, construction, housing and public utilities;
  • share of participation of tax residents of foreign countries in the authorized capital of a legal entity – not more than 25%.
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