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NATIONAL PROJECTS: packaging manufacturers implement lean technologies


The regional enterprise for the production of corrugated cardboard packaging increased the number of orders delivered just in time to 91.8% in three months.

At the plant for the production of packaging "TransPak" (LLC "Nurek") in the Tosnensky district, the first results of the implementation of the national project "Labor Productivity" were summed up. Together with experts from the Federal Competence Center, the working group selected the production process for four-valve corrugated boxes to test lean technologies on it. This product occupies a 70% share in the production volume of the plant.

During the diagnostics of the production process, several dozens of bottlenecks were identified, including a large number of work in progress, periodic equipment downtime, underutilization of personnel, lengthy equipment changeovers and unnecessary movements.

In the benchmark carton and palletizing area, the reduction in machine changeover times reduced machine set-up times by 4.2 minutes per order. Together with experts, a new forklift movement scheme was developed, address storage in a warehouse was introduced, which helped to reduce the time for unloading and placing raw materials to 40 minutes, and the rearrangement of equipment made it possible to reduce the distance for transporting products by 45 meters.

In general, according to the results of the first stage of the national project implementation, within three months the enterprise reduced the time of the process of manufacturing four-valve corrugated boxes by 80 minutes. Output increased by 26 finished goods per person per hour and just-in-time orders rose to 91.8%.

During this period, the enterprise also prepared and developed working standards, organized an information center where key indicators are monitored, the project team was trained in the main lean production programs.

“Assessing the results of the first stage of our participation in the Labor Productivity project, we see the real dynamics of increasing the set indicators within the sample site chosen as the reference one. The effectiveness of the implemented 5S solutions and kanban have already shown themselves in practice, and we will continue to implement the principles of lean manufacturing in other areas,” commented Evgeny Farulin, Deputy Director for Production at Nurek LLC.

The implementation of improvements on the pilot flow under the supervision of the FCC will continue in the next three months, after which the results will be summed up and the enterprise will begin independent work to improve productivity on other production lines.

It should be noted that this is already the third enterprise producing corrugated cardboard packaging in the region, which participates in the national project “Labor Productivity”. In total, 50 enterprises of the Leningrad region have already joined it. Recall that its participants can be manufacturing, agricultural enterprises, transport, trade, construction. To do this, you need to register and apply on the site performance.rf.

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