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NATIONAL PROJECTS: regional products are expected in Finland


Building materials, fertilizers, boats and fruit drinks - exporters of the Leningrad region explained what product range they prepared for the sales market of Finland.

More than 30 regional companies participated in the meeting with the Trade Representative of Russia in Finland within the framework of the "Hour with a Trade Representative" project of the Export Support Center of the Leningrad region.

Anton Loginov, the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation, emphasized that the Leningrad region makes the Top 3 partners of Finland, and this year non-resource non-energy exports increased by 40% compared to the same period last year. The country is supplied with timber products, fertilizers, stone products, tires, paper and alimentary products. Recently, Finnish business has shown interest in such Russian products as wheat, drinks, meat, building materials, and shipbuilding components.

Yulia Kosareva, the Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of the Leningrad Region, noted that many companies, whose products may be in demand on the Finnish market, have recently appeared in the Leningrad region. During the meeting, 16 companies from the region presented their products and expressed an intention to export building and finishing materials, wooden interior decor, peat fertilizers, water towers made of polymer materials, heat pumps, inflatable boats, natural juices and fruit drinks to the neighboring countries. All participants prepared presentation materials, which will be sent to the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation for detailed examination and search for partners.

“The meeting was very informative and useful for us. The Trade Representation’ specialists have highly regarded the chances of our products entering the Finnish market. Together with the Export Support Center, we have already prepared presentation materials in English, which we will send for further work,” said Ekaterina Surushkina, Development Director of the Tosno Compound Feed Mill.

Looking back, within the framework of the "Hour with a Trade Representative" project, small and medium-sized businesses of the Leningrad Region have already met with representatives of the Russian Federation in Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea.

Work on supporting exporters and developing foreign economic activity is being carried out within the framework of the regional project "Systematic measures for promotion of international cooperation and export" of the national project "International cooperation and export".

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