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NATIONAL PROJECTS: shipbuilders of the region increase labor productivity


Manufacturers of marine equipment in the Leningrad region use lean technologies.

The first results of the implementation of the national project "Labor Productivity" were summed up at the Vineta enterprise in the city of Nikolskoye, Tosnensky district. The enterprise produces ship engineering products of a full cycle: from the development of design documentation to the production of finished products. They are used in military shipbuilding and civil shipbuilding, in the nuclear and transport industries, as well as in enterprises of the fuel and energy complex.

Together with an expert from the Federal Competence Center, a pilot flow was chosen for optimization - the manufacture of a charge air cooler. This product occupies a significant share in the company's revenue, with the help of lean manufacturing tools, the company plans to reduce the time of this process, reduce the cost of the product and increase the sales market.

At the start of the project, the enterprise's working group of 14 people was trained in the basics of lean production, project implementation for improvement, mapping, implementation of the 5C system in production, standardized work. Based on the results of the diagnostics, all losses and problems in the pilot stream were analyzed, 57 bottlenecks were identified, including production planning, long-term transportation of parts and equipment changeover, waiting for the quality control department, and others. With the help of the acquired knowledge and with the support of the FCC expert, the 5C system was introduced at the workplace, production analysis was organized, the issue of control was resolved - for this, special places for the acceptance of QCD were created, a call was organized for a specialist to control by radio, and a visualization of the acceptance status was developed details. The schedule of work and transfer of working personnel was also changed, which made it possible to eliminate downtime during shift changes and increase the useful time of the evening shift by 2 hours.

Based on the results of the six-month implementation of the project, the enterprise plans to reduce the process time by 49%, halve the volume of work in progress - from 234 to 123 pieces, and also increase the output of the pilot worker - from 0.4 to 0.6 man/hour.

Today, 49 enterprises of the Leningrad region have already joined the national project "Labor Productivity". Processing industries, agricultural enterprises, transport, trade, and construction industries can become participants. To do this, you need to register and apply on the site performance.rf.

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