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New business relations and common climate agenda


A networking meeting of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce took place, in which Anastasia Mikhalchenko, Director of the Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region, took part.

As the Consul General of Norway in St. Petersburg Richard Scarborough noted, it is important to develop economic ties with the Leningrad Region and regional business.

For Norway, one of the most important areas is aquaculture and marine technology.

Also, now the climate agenda and all projects related to reducing the carbon footprint are coming to the fore.

Anastasia Mikhalchenko spoke about the investment environment of the Leningrad Region and emphasized that the largest port projects are currently being implemented in the region, in which Norwegian technologies can also be involved. In addition, the climate agenda is also now an important priority for the government's economic bloc. The region is actively working on the decarbonization program and is also studying foreign practices. The Leningrad Region has a high wind potential, therefore, today several wind farm projects are underway. Cooperation in this area is also very promising.

In 2022, NRCC invites you to take part in the Russian-Norwegian business forum, which will be held on April 27.

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