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New product of ToMeZ

New product of ToMeZ

For the first time in Russia construction of mobile container asphalt concrete plants of cyclic type was launched in Leningrad region at Tosnensky Mechanical Plant (ToMeZ).

A mobile asphalt plant is a new product of ToMeZ and Cominvest AKMT. It was developed with support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Presentation of the plant took place on 23 April. Director of Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region Andrey Sergeev participated in the event.

“Over the years ToMeZ has gained a reputation of a manufacturer of reliable equipment of high quality being a perfect example of efficient import substitution – no wonder that the factory was included not only in the regional list of systemic companies of Leningrad region, but also in the federal list of organizations which significantly influence industry and trade,” noted Andrey Sergeev during the presentation.

By 2021 ToMeZ is planning to produce up to 20 mobile asphalt concrete plants annually. Earlier only foreign solutions were available at the market and this is the first product completely assembled in Russia. The mobile plant allows manufacturing all types of asphalt concrete, stone mastic asphalt concrete, cast asphalt concrete for roads and aerodromes.

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