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New trawler was launched in Vyborg


The ceremony of launching a new trawler took place at Vyborg Shipyard.

“Yuri Matochkin” trawler of Ice3 ice class with a reinforced hull and a last generation trawl complex was made for bottom fishing.

The vessel has equipment with the planned catch and refrigeration capacity of up to 100 tonnes of fish daily, as well as combined holds for marine products with capacity up to 2,375 cubic meters. Laying the keel took place on 1 November 2018 at Vyborg Shipyard.

Construction of fishing vessels is carried out at Vyborg Shipyard within the programme of “investment quotas” stimulating placement of orders for fishing vessels at domestic shipyards.

The trawler was constructed by order of ATLANTRYBFLOT (FOR Group). Three fishing trawlers will be constructed under this project at the Vyborg enterprise.

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