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Participants of BRIEF’20: Ashok Ram Mohan


The President of affiliated companies Philip Morris International in Russia and Belarus Ashok Ram Mohan will be a speaker at the plenary public talk of the Baltic Region Investment Forum BRIEF’20.

He notes:

“Leningrad region provides all opportunities for successful investments and business development. We’ve been working in the region for 20 years, and all this time we’ve been following the long-term strategy of sustainable development. Today the total volume of investments in development of our production centre in Leningrad region is about 59 billion rubles.

During the Baltic Region Investment Forum BRIEF’20 we are planning to sign an agreement on socio-economic cooperation between the Government of Leningrad Region and Philip Morris International in Russia for further implementation of an investment project on localization of production of low-risk nicotine-containing products – tobacco sticks for IQOS at Philip Morris Izhora factory in Leningrad region in order to provide supplies to the Russian market and export to other countries.

This decision was mainly based on our confidence in the future of Russian economy and investment attractiveness of the Russian market and Leningrad region in particular.”

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