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Process Factory was opened in Leningrad region


The Process Factory will teach employees of enterprises, students and public officers how to use lean technologies.

The Factory was opened in the Quantorium of Kirovsk Polytechnic College. The regional enterprises participating in the national project “Labour productivity” will have an opportunity to teach their employees the basics of lean technologies. The education will be organized in the form of one-day training for groups of 12-16 people. Also, college students and public officers of Leningrad region ready to reengineer processes and services will have an opportunity to study at the Process Factory. The region is planning to open five more factories in the educational institutions.

“Our enterprises have a unique opportunity to establish the productivity enhancement system based on the best practices. New technologies and education methodology at the Process Factory are available not only to the employees of our enterprises but for the students who will be working in Leningrad region and Russia in the future,” emphasized the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko.

Talking about education for the public officers, the head of the region noted that regional authorities should aim for similar efficiency as business.

CEO of the Federal Center of Competences Nikolay Solomon noted that the national project is a real opportunity to receive expert support from experienced consultants in the sphere of lean technologies for free. According to his estimates, the project is being implemented in Leningrad region according to the plan, and annually 20 member enterprises will be added in the region.

In 2020 “Labour productivity” project included 22 enterprises in Leningrad region, in 2021 – 5 more enterprises. Seven regional enterprises have already finished the main phase of labour productivity enhancement with the participation of experts and started to work.

By the end of 2024, it is planned to involve 101 enterprises of Leningrad region in the implementation of the national project. By the end of 2021, 39 enterprises should be included in the project. Besides, it is planned that 1,330 employees will learn how to use lean technologies tools by the end of 2024 and 441 – in 2021.

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