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Production of yoghurts in Gatchina

Production of yoghurts in Gatchina

A new packing line which will allow significantly increasing the volume of production of dairy products included those under Valio brand was launched at the Galactika factory in Leningrad region.

The new line for production and packing of thick dairy products will be able to produce more than 2 tonnes of finished products per hour. The companies are planning to launch production of new products which meets the latest trends in healthy nutrition in new modern packaging.

The assortment under own brands of Galactika is planned to be expanded by yoghurts with high protein, unusual flavor combinations, desserts with big pieces of fruits and berries, multi-layered products, healthy breakfasts based on milk yoghurt with granola. The assortment of Valio will also receive new yoghurts and sour cream.

“Expansion of production of dairy products is a predictable stage of cooperation of our company and this production site. Because Valio started cooperation with Galactika factory in 2007 when experts from the Finnish company were attracted for introduction of the quality system at the factory. Since then to this day we are proud of our cooperation and products made at this factory,” told CEO of Valio Kari Finska.

“Our aim is development of deep processing of milk. The new line will allow us to produce more complicated, interesting and modern products,” noted Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of Companies Galactika Dmitry Pinchukov.

Commissioning of the new production line will allow increasing the total volume of thick desserts and yoghurts at the factory by 2.5 times already in 2019. Investments in equipment amounted to 70 million rubles. Opening of the new line will provide 20 new additional jobs.

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