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Project Committee of the economic sector


Implementation of projects was considered and project initiatives were approved during a session of the Project Committee of the economic sector of the Government of Leningrad region.

How does project management help to achieve results?

A specific, measurable goal is formulated, deadlines are estimated and controlled, control points are determined for each project. All projects and initiatives discussed during the session are useful for the citizens of Leningrad region:

  • creation of a sports and recreation centre in Murino and a nursing home with gerontopsychiatric department in Sverdlova settlement;
  • creation of an integrated area of public services of Leningrad region and St. Petersburg as a part of their integration;
  • creation of a flagship Master-Multifunctional Centre  with comfortable, innovative solutions;
  • digital development: creation of a regional data management system, Situation Centre of the Governor and a centralized CCTV and analytics system;
  • creation and development of well-equipped bike paths – Velo47 project.

Ilia Sandler, the Head of the Department of Methodology and Control of Large Projects at Gazprom Neft-Development, participated in the session as an expert along with the colleagues from the Central Project Office. He gave recommendations, noted dynamics of the agenda and efficiency of the Project Committee.

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