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Receive a consultation of the specialists from Economic Development Agency


The specialists of Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region consult entrepreneurs about measures of government support for business. In order not to miss the benefit, it is important to receive information!

  • All measures of support have certain conditions: the field of activity, the volume of investments, the project implementation period, etc.

For example, within the regional investment project benefits for corporate income and corporate property taxes are granted only to the new projects in the sphere of manufacturing industries with investments amounting to 50 million rubles. To receive support, it is important to declare your intentions and enter the list of regional investment projects in advance. You can receive this information from the experts of Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region.

  • New measures of support.

The employees of the Agency have all up-to-date information. For example, agreements on protection and promotion of investments (APPI) have been already concluded at the federal level. Soon such opportunity for investors, implementing new projects, will be available at the regional level. The volume of support can also be changed. For example, now investment tax deduction can amount to 100% from the expenses on purchasing items of the fixed assets of the subsection “Machines and equipment” of amortization groups 3–10.

  • Information about the whole system of business support.

The experts of the Agency, which are familiar with all business support institutions, can direct a company to receive the targeted aid, depending on the size of an investment project and its needs. For example, to Export Support Centre or Entrepreneurship Support Fund of Leningrad Region.

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