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Reference-visit to Kirovsk


The reference-visit was made to Kirovsk to the industrial sites of two companies participating in the first stream of the “Sreda” business-accelerator.

The manufacturer of plastic products NPO “Rantis” is familiar to many of its products - stationery, children's construction sets, household goods. The first product of the company was a 30 cm plastic ruler, which hit the shelves of the federal network of stationery stores, and decades later it has 600 product names and hundreds of thousands of products a year under its own brands and components for well-known companies.

The manufacturer of cabinet furniture and furniture on a metal frame "Mebeletta" is also familiar to many in absentia. Schoolchildren in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg often sit on chairs at their desks, which are made in Kirovsk. The company also supplies furniture to offices and client rooms, including well-known federal chains.

Companies are different, but in many ways they are similar – they are growing, looking for new niches, moving forward in the market. For active development, they need support. For this purpose, the business-accelerator was created for small industrial companies in the Leningrad region. According to the feedback of the participants, he helped to set new goals and start moving towards them.

However, we continue to support manufacturers. The visit was attended by the heads of support institutions - the Agency for Economic Development, the Center for Industrial Development, the Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Leningrad Region. Once again, we specifically discussed available support measures - concessional financing, participation in exhibitions, website adaptation, and others. Anastasia Mikhalchenko, director of the Agency for Economic Development of the Leningrad Region, emphasized that the Agency helps to resolve issues with industrial sites, problems of engineering connections, and the road network. As a result of the visit, the issues of the companies were taken under control and will be resolved.

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