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Region Management Centre was opened in Leningrad region


Region Management Centre was opened in Leningrad region. Experts of the Centre will be coordinating and improving work of authorities at online platforms – from governmental websites to social media.

Region Management Centres (RMC) is a federal project currently being launched all around Russia by the order of the President Vladimir Putin of 1 March 2020.

RMCs, using round-the-clock monitoring by Incident Management, are establishing the system which will enable every citizen to rapidly receive answers to their questions by regional and local authorities. Employees from specialized institutions work in the Centre which allows reducing time required for inter-departmental interaction between authorities and accelerating problem solutions.

Region Management Centre will improve and take interaction between authorities and citizens to the next level. The key issues are already clear from the comments in Instagram account of the head of the region: healthcare, education, social protection, transport, energy, housing and utilities, waste management.

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