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Spatial development of Russia

Пространственное развитие РФ

The Government of the Russian Federation approved Spatial Development Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2025. Its aim is reduction of interregional differences in the level and quality of life of the population, acceleration of the pace of economic growth and technological development.

In this document the country is divided into 12 macro regions for strengthening cooperation and coordination of social and economic development. Leningrad region is a part of the Northwestern macro region which also includes Saint Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, Kaliningrad region, Vologda region, Murmansk region, Novgorod region, Pskov region.

Leningrad region is defined in the document as a border geostrategic territory of the Russian Federation, because it has borders with the EU countries. Strengthening of border cooperation is strategically important for the region.

“The status of Leningrad region as a priority geostrategic territory sets new tasks for the region both in social and economic development and achievement of specific target indicators. The new status gives an opportunity to concentrate additional efforts on stimulation of export of finished goods, development of customs infrastructure and stimulation of development of small and medium-sized business participating in cross-border cooperation. Specific measures and volume of financing will become clear after approval of the Strategy implementation plan,” noted Dmitry Yalov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Leningrad region – Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity.

Towns of Leningrad region which are a part of Saint Petersburg urban agglomeration, including Gatchina and Vsevolozhsk, together with Saint Petersburg are among prospective centres of economic growth which will provide contribution to economic growth of the Russian Federation by more than 1% annually. Port towns – Vyborg, Ust-Luga, Vysotsk are expected to contribute to the economic growth of the Russian Federation from 0.2% to 1% annually. Gatchina together with Saint Petersburg entered the list of the cities with conditions for establishment of world class scientific and educational centres.

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