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Swedish-Russian Business Forum


Sustainable development and circular economy as the factors of the convergence of Russian and Swedish economies.

This issue was discussed during the Swedish-Russian Business Forum attended by Director of Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region Anastasia Mikhalchenko.

The main topics for discussion included waste recycling, introduction of technologies protecting environment, environmentally friendly business.

Anastasia Mikhalchenko told about the enterprises which implement projects in the sphere of waste recycling and disposal in Leningrad region:

International Paper produces office and offset paper, cardboard for packaging liquid food, thermomechanical mass. The enterprise is one of the most successful examples of environmental protection in the world is the reuse of paper.

Premio Crumb and Lexor recycle worn-out car tyres into crumb rubber which is used in road construction, for covering sports grounds and playgrounds, for production of rubber flooring tiles and other products.

Element Recycling is the only glass processing company in Russia, which became a part of the European Assembly of Cullet Recyclers, is also implementing its project in the region. The company manufactures processed raw materials for the production of glass and products made of glass, thus reducing the volume of waste dumping and saving natural resources.

Smart SREDA produces street furniture from recycled used plastic bags, overwrapping film and sand.

Noviy Svet – Eco provides disposal of solid household, industrial and construction waste of III-V hazard classes.

On the basis of LenBioProm premises, organic waste is being recycled into useful biomass in order to reduce the amount of waste incinerated and disposed of at the landfills.

Knauf Petroboard produces linerboard. The main raw material used by the enterprise is waste paper.

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