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System 360 – introduction and expansion


We have already written about the introduction of the support system 360 degrees for investors that was initiated by Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region. 360 degrees support involves inclusion of the whole business support infrastructure of Leningrad region. Today a new stage has been implemented – a joint presentation and training dedicated to the system.

The colleagues from Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region, Industry Development Centre of Leningrad Region, Entrepreneurship Support Fund of Leningrad Region gathered together in the My Business venue to discuss the aims and prospects of the introduction of the system. The Chairman of the Committee for Development of Small, Medium-Sized Business and Consumer Market of Leningrad Region Svetlana Nerushay actively participated in the discussion. The Director of Economic Development Agency Anastasia Mikhalchenko presented the system, interesting cases of the real business where the system has already given its positive results.

The services of each organization were presented in detail, practical cases of investors were studied. And the main thing is that we were establishing interaction within the system in order to provide all necessary support for business development.

During the joint training, in the most practical way, we worked over the real examples of the interaction system with various appeals of investors. For each stage – investments, pre-investments, operation – we created a case as the basis for our suggestions within support system 360.

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