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The Leningrad region is among the leaders in terms of quality of life


At the end of 2021, the region retained its position in the top ten in the quality of life ranking.

In the rating of Russian regions prepared by RIA Novosti, the region ranks 7th.

“This is a worthy place that the Leningrad Region has taken thanks to the joint work of the authorities, districts, business and public organizations. We have good indicators at the end of last year - the index of industrial production amounted to 107.6% and, what is important for us, growth was shown by manufacturing industries, which form the basis of our economy. The building block worked well - here the growth in the type of activity by 7.7% and in the commissioning of residential buildings by 27%. Unemployment gradually decreased, and today it is one of the lowest in Russia, while real wages increased by 2.4% and, as of November, amounted to 51,634 rubles. Good economic indicators should be transformed into an improvement in the quality of life of the population, the implementation of social programs and payments from budget investments. We continue a lot of work on the improvement of public areas, the renovation of schools and kindergartens, the provision of new equipment for our medical institutions, the repair and construction of roads and interchanges - this is what directly affects the quality of life of Leningrad residents, ”commented Alexander Drozdenko, Governor of the Leningrad Region.

The TOP-10 regions of the ranking remained virtually unchanged compared to last year. As analysts explain, the regions of the top ten of the rating are characterized by a high level of economic development. On the whole, they account for about 50% of the total GRP of the subjects of the federation.

When compiling the annual rating of Russian regions in terms of quality of life, data from Rosstat, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and other open sources for 2020–2021 are used. The rating is built on the basis of a comprehensive accounting of various parameters that characterize the quality of life in the regions. When calculating, 67 indicators were analyzed.

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