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The region develops lean manufacturing


The Leningrad region will cover the maximum number of students and employees of enterprises with lean technologies. And social institutions with the help of these methods will work on optimizing government processes.

The program for the implementation of lean manufacturing practices in the region was approved by the Organizational Headquarters for Project Management in the Leningrad Region.

The program includes two projects. The first one - "Training of personnel with lean production competencies" - is designed to expand the boundaries of the national project "Labor Productivity" in terms of training employees and students of professional educational institutions. The platform for this will be three "Process Factories": already operating at the Kirov Polytechnic College and two being created at the Begunitsky Agrotechnological College and at the Volkhov Polytechnic College. For this, a special educational module on lean production will be developed, and employees of enterprises, regardless of their participation in the national project, and students of technical schools will be able to receive competencies. Earlier, we recall that the proposal of the Leningrad Region to include modules teaching lean manufacturing in educational programs was supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Today, 46 enterprises of the Leningrad Region participate in the national project "Labor Productivity", by the end of 2024 their number will increase to 101. At the same time, only about 1,300 employees of enterprises will undergo training under the national project, which will not give the desired effect to the economy of the region. “Employees with competencies in lean manufacturing are more in demand at enterprises today. Success at the enterprises participating in the national project is associated not only with the motivation of the team, but also to a greater extent with the adoption of a culture of lean production and knowledge of these tools by employees, ”explained Yulia Kosareva, head of the program, deputy chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activities of the Leningrad Region, at the meeting.

It is assumed that by 2024, with the help of the project, the proportion of industrial students with training in the field of lean manufacturing will be 25%, and enterprise employees - at least 20%.

The second part of the program is devoted to the implementation of lean production practices in social organizations. We are talking about optimizing internal processes in health care, social protection and education, which will make it possible to identify and eliminate barriers in the provision of services to citizens in these areas. For each process, for example, a doctor's appointment or medical examination, by analogy with work at an enterprise, a project team will work, including both employees of government bodies, institutions, and experts from the Federal Competence Center. As a result, 13 such reference processes will be developed by April 2023.

Labor Productivity is one of those national projects that has already shown real results. The introduction of lean production practices in social organizations and our educational programs are timely and correct, and I am sure it will be effective both for the economy and in terms of public services,” said Alexander Drozdenko, Governor of the Leningrad Region.

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