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Training of professional workers in Leningrad region


36.8 million rubles were allocated to personnel training for investment projects and production plants being modernized.

2,000 workers of Leningrad region will undergo advanced training up to 2022. Thus enterprises of Leningrad region will receive labour resources of high quality.

Personnel training system for enterprises implementing investment projects or being modernized is available since 2017. 13 enterprises have already participated in the programme, 1,242 employees underwent  training under 30 educational programmes and saved their jobs.

Besides, this year Leningrad region entered the national project “Increase of labour productivity and support for employment”. Enterprises participating in the national project can receive training and advanced training for personnel using budgetary funds. Totally this year 21.2 million rubles were allocated to this direction, including 14.2 million rubles from the federal budget and 7 million rubles from the regional budget.

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