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Trends in commercial real estate


Trends in commercial real estate: online retail is becoming the main player in the warehouse market.

World statistics

According to the report prepared by CBRE, an international consulting company in the sphere of real estate, the global volume of sales in online trade will increase from 2.4 trillion USD in 2020 to 3.9 trillion USD in 2025.

The experts of the consulting company CBRE expect that by 2025 Europe will need additional 28 million square meters of warehouse real estate to meet the growing demand from e-commerce. And 138 million square meters of industrial real estate will be demanded in the world.

Russian market

According to the estimates of Infoline, the volume of online trade market in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region amounted to 21 billion rubles in 2020.

Despite the relatively low level of using e-commerce in Russia, online retail sets trends in the commercial real estate markets. According to the experts of CBRE, over the last years, the representatives of this sphere invest in warehouses more than in any other segment.

Earlier the analysts of Knight Frank provided data on the availability of high-quality warehouse premises, including class A and class B facilities. At the united market of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region this index is 0.6 square meters per person, and the all-Russian index is 0.2 square meters per person.

Leningrad region

Our region has created all conditions for the development of the industrial real estate, established a substantial demand, including demand for warehouse real estate. Industrial parks and multifunctional complexes are operating in the region on the border with St. Petersburg. Over the last years, several large investment projects on the construction of distribution centres for big retailers have been implemented. E-commerce is also actively entering the market. In particular, at the beginning of this summer Ozon marketplace rented premises with an area of about 3,000 square meters in RAUM Bugry industrial park for placement of Ozon Express dark store.

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