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Two days in Kaliningrad – new ideas for the whole year


Deputy Director of AERLO Anna Milaya and Head of the Territory Marketing Department Sofya Chekhovich completed an on-site internship at NAIR together with colleagues from Investment and Development Agencies from all over Russia.
The internship began with a business breakfast with the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region, member of the Supervisory Board of NAAIR Anton Alikhanov. At the meeting, Anton Andreevich spoke about plans for the development of the Kaliningrad region in the coming years, as well as the formation of lighthouse projects for the region. Representatives of the regions asked their questions. It turned out to be an open, detailed conversation.

As part of the training, colleagues from various development institutions, administrations, educational institutions, and businesses shared their work experience.

During the industrial tour, NAAIR members visited the Khrabrovo industrial park and the production facilities of the Ampertex and Pomatti companies.

Colleagues will share their ideas and knowledge with the AERLO team in order to analyze and implement the best in their work.

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