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VATEX to protect doctors in Leningrad region

VATEX to protect doctors in Leningrad region

An enterprise from Leningrad region – VATEX – launched production of individual protective face shields.

The company decided to re-organize a part of its production facilities and to direct available capacities to production of protective face shields. The enterprise had enough materials for such production, so there was no need to buy raw materials. Today the volume of production is 150 items per day, and it is planned to double this number.

The company donated 30 protective shields to the hospital in Kuzmolovo and 100 – in Toksovo. The enterprise also plans to donate the next batch of protective shields (from 50 to 100 items) to other medical institutions in the region.

The automated factory VATEX for production of polymer storage containers is located in Vsevolozhsky district.

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