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The ASI Center for Best Practices and Expertise organized a presentation of the Green Corridor system for executive authorities and development agencies from 58 regions of the Russian Federation.

Director of the Economic Development Agency of the Leningrad Region Anastasia Mikhalchenko presented the practice and talked about the goals of creating the system - improving interaction with the investor, accelerating processes and approvals during the implementation of investment projects at every level - from OIVs to municipal authorities, business development institutions and resource supply organizations.

The main plans for 2023 were also announced - the finalization of the unique CRM system "Investor's Personal Account" and the introduction of the "Green Corridor" system in 10 more municipal districts that were not previously among the pilot ones. The participants were interested in the ways and timing of the implementation of the practice.

Recall that the system for working with investors "Green Corridor" entered the top 10 Russian practices for working with investors according to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the system is presented on the Smartek platform. The "Green Corridor" as a system for working with investors was developed and implemented by the Economic Development Agency of the Leningrad Region.

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