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Yanino sparkled with new colors


A new production of paints and varnishes was opened in the Vsevolozhsk region.

The construction and transfer of the main production facilities of the Pigment holding company from St. Petersburg to a site in the Leningrad Region have been completed. The Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko took part in the opening ceremony of the new production facility.

The head of the region thanked the company, investors and builders for the creation of a new enterprise in Yanino and congratulated them on the event. “It is important for us that this new modern production preserves the best traditions of the Pigment plant of the Soviet era - its own scientific research and laboratories, the production of paints and materials, cooperation with the largest Russian companies in the shipbuilding and defense complex continues. It is important that the company already sees development prospects. I wish you success in the Leningrad Region,” said Alexander Drozdenko, Governor of the Leningrad Region.

The volume of investments in the creation of a new enterprise in the Leningrad region amounted to more than 2 billion rubles. The production created 240 jobs. Assistance in the implementation of the project was provided by the Economic Development Agency of the Leningrad Region.

The capacity of the production complex, which includes a plant for the production of powder paints and a chemical plant for liquid paints and varnishes, will be up to 25,000 tons per year. It will produce powder coatings, alkyd and modified varnishes, hardeners for various purposes, marine, anticorrosive and special low-tonnage paints and varnishes. Production products are in demand in almost all areas: shipbuilding and ship repair, construction, oil and gas industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy plants, transport, machine and instrument making, household appliances, aerospace, defense complexes and others. Among the consumers are the largest Russian enterprises Severstal, Surgutneftegaz, Lukoil Oil Company, NK Rosneft, Tatneft, Sukhoi Company and others.

The production complex in Yanino and the research institute that develops new paint and varnish materials are part of the structure of the Pigment Holding.

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