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Leningrad region, alongside with St. Petersburg is the second largest consumer market in Russia, one of the largest markets in Europe and one of the leaders in the rate of economic development in Northwestern federal district. Leningrad region has a logistically advantageous position, which is especially important to the work of a distribution centre. The new distribution centre allows the company to receive and process goods from both Russian and foreign suppliers, including goods in the “fresh” category, without reducing their quality which can happen over long haul transportations and storage. The high quality of storage, effective processing of goods, order purchasing and a well-organized system for the shipment of goods, using the company’s own freight transport allows us to supply over 716 trading facilities, not only in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, but also in the Republic of Karelia and the Vologda region. I would like to express my gratitude towards the Government of Leningrad Region and the Front Office team for their support at all stages of perparing the investment agreement. I hope for long-lasting cooperation!

Deputy Director on Investment Politics of Tander JSC Evgeniy Ovchinnikov

Tander represents the largest Russian trading network, Magnit. One of the company’s leading directions of activity is development of their transport and logistics systems. The aim of such development is the reduction of costs for shipment and storage, and as a result - a decrease in prices of goods for the consumer. Currently, the company’s logistics network is comprised of 37 distribution centres and 36 freight transport enterprises.

The project implemented in Leningrad region was aimed to build a regional distribution centre at Yam-Izhora, Tosnensky district. The distribution centre is a complex of buildings, facilities and engineering networks which are united by a common area and meant for the organization of reception and storage of agricultural goods, groceries and non-food items, forming shipments of the goods and their loadings, transport processing of goods and their storage, as well as other transport support, such as maintenance of freight vehicles and processing of the waste products formed during transportation and storage. The distribution centre is made for receiving, storing the goods for 5-7 days, forming orders and shipping goods to shops and storage sites.

The aim of the project is not only to increase the presence of Magnit trading company and optimise the company’s costs, but also to greatly expand the variety of goods offered in the shops, and to optimise their work through reducing costs on shipments from local producers and suppliers. It becomes possible to increase the product line as the distribution centre becomes more and more technologically advanced and, therefore, able to receive more delicate goods that require strict temperature control for storage..

2.86 billion rubles (without VAT) – volume of investments
550 jobs
1.21 million processed trays per year

2013: construction of the distribution centre began
2014: the centre was commissioned
2015: renovation works began at the centre
2017: the facility was re-opened

Address: 1 Telmana street, the village of Yam-Izhora, Tosnensky district
Phone: + 7 (989) 817-05-66
Official website: 

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