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Kingiseppsky municipal district


Kingiseppsky municipal district is located in the south-west of Leningrad region. It is bordered by Estonia, Slantsevsky, Volosovsky and Lomonosovsky districts of Leningrad region.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 110 km

Administrative centre: Kingisepp

Area: 2,907.1 km2

Population: 74,881 people (urban population – 73.1%, rural population – 26.9%)

Infrastructure: Kingiseppsky municipal district has a developed road network. The framework of general purpose highways is under construction around the main federal highways Kerstovo –  Luzhitsy, A-180/E-20 Narva and its duplicate road Petrodvorets – Keykino.

The main regional roads connect federal motorways, maintain inter-district and inter-regional transport connections. Their traffic intensity varies from 1,000 to 3,000 cars a day. The total length of car roads is 600 km.

Mga railway station provides transport and economic connection of enterprises in Leningrad region, the Republic of Karelia and the Republic of Komi, Ural, Siberia and Central Asian countries both with Saint Petersburg and ports in the Gulf of Finland and adjoining states – Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland.

Economy: the analysis of production complex development over the last 5 years and long-term plans of the main manufacturing enterprises indicate industrial output growth. The dynamics of changes in the volume of produced goods has a positive tendency within these years.

As of 01.01.2020, the average number of employees at large and middle-sized industrial enterprises amounted to 5,143  employees, the average salary in the branch – 64,600 rubles.

The industry of the district mainly consists of the following economic activities:

  • chemical industry
  • glass industry
  • production of car components
  • production of of building materials

Large enterprises:

  • Phosphorit – chemical industry (mineral fertilizers, sulfuric acid)
  • Yura Corporation RUS (Hyundai factory)– production of equipment for vehicles (electric cables for Hyundai cars)
  • Kingisepp Glass Factory – manufacture of premium-class glass production
  • Polyplast North-West – chemical additives for building trade (concrete additives)
  • MW Kingisepp – production of metal goods (steel rims)
  • ROSSTRO-VELOX, a branch of Financial and Industrial Group ROSSTRO – wood processing and manufacture of wood products
  • Kingisepp House Building Company (KDSK) – production of building materials
  • Novatek Ust-Luga – production of petroleum products (naphtha, kerosene, diesel fraction, fuel oil)
  • EuroChem North-West – chemical industry (ammonia)

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