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Kirishsky municipal district


Kirishsky municipal district is located in the southern part of Leningrad region in the basin of the Volkhov River and its tributary Pchevzha. It is bordered by Tosnensky, Kirovsky, Volkhovsky and Tikhvinsky municipal districts and by Novgorod region in the south. Kirishsky municipal district includes territories of six municipal units: Kirishskoye and Budogoschskoye urban settlements, Glazhevskoye, Kusinskoye, Pchevzhinskoye and Pchevskoye rural settlements.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 116 km

Administrative centre: Kirishi

Area: 3,045.3 km2

Population: 61,474 people (urban population – 88.1%, rural population – 11.9%)

Infrastructure: there are car and railway transport connections between the district and Saint Petersburg, Volkhov, Malaya Vishera, Veliky Novgorod. The town of Kirishi is situated 44 km away from Moscow – Saint Petersburg highway (M-10 E-105 Russia).

There is a cargo berth of Kirishinefteorgsintez Production Association LLC in the right bank of the Volkhov River. There is no constant connection via the navigable Volkhov River in the territory of Kirishsky municipal district.

Economy: Kirishsky municipal district occupies an important place in the economic potential of Leningrad region. The share of the turnover of all organizations in the total volume of Leningrad region is 9.2%, the share of the district in manufacturing industries is 10.4%. Asof 01.01.2020, the number of organizations operating in the district is 1,086.

Kirishsky district is one of the most promising, dynamically developing industrial centres of Leningrad region. Powerful fuel and energy complex, the largest in the Northwest Russia, is located in the territory of the district. Industry is the leading branch of the economy.

In 2019 the turnover of large and medium-sized organizations of Kirishsky district amounted to 104.2 billion rubles (74% to the level of 2018). The total volume of produced goods, performed works and services in large and medium-sized organizations came to 85.4 billion rubles in 2019 (74% in comparison with 2018). The total volume of produced goods, performed works and services includes manufacturing industries (67.1%), production and distribution of electricity, gas and water (24.6%), construction (4.1%), other industries (4.2%).

Large enterprises:

  • Kirishinefteorgsintez (KINEF) – manufacture of petroleum products; manufacture of other main inorganic chemical compounds
  • OGK-2, branch Kirishskaya Power Station – production of electric power by thermal power stations; electric power transmission; steam and hot water (thermal power) transmission; production of steam and hot water (thermal power) by thermal power stations
  • Ruscam Glass Packaging Holding – manufacture of glass production
  • Penoplex SPb – manufacture of plastic goods for construction
  • Lorenz Snack World Production Kirishi – manufacture of bread and confectionery bakery products of short-term storage
  • First Wood Impregnation Plant – sawing and planing wood
  • Biotechprogress – research and development in natural and technical sciences

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