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Lomonosovsky municipal district


Lomonosovsky district is situated along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland (the coastline length is 65 km), its length from the east to the west is about 100 km, from the north to the south is 40 km. The district borders Pushkinsky, Moskovsky, Krasnoselsky and Petrodvortsovy districts of Saint Petersburg in the east and the north-east; Gatchinsky, Volosovsky, Kingiseppsky districts of Leningrad region in the south and the south-west; Sosnovoborsky urban district of Leningrad region in the west.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 40 km

Administrative centre: Lomonosov

Area: 1,919 square km

Population: 76,786 people (urban population – 22%, rural population – 78%)

Infrastructure: the territory of the district has developed road network, railway connection, direct access to large sea ports located in Saint Petersburg: port Bronka, MobyDik, Big port Saint Petersburg.
Total length of the general purpose federal and regional or inter-municipal roads in the district is 468.7 km, including federal roads – 61 km and regional or inter-municipal roads – 407.7 km. Federal roads include south main semi-ring A-120 Bolshaya Izhora – Cheremykino – Mga – Kirovsk (its length within the bounds of the district is 34 km) and Narva M-11 E-20 highway (its length within the bounds of the district is 27 km). A section of the western semi-ring of the Saint Petersburg Ring Road is a part of the federal roads network.

Economy: manufacturing industries are the basis of the economy of Lomonosovsky district. The share of industry in the total volume of shipped goods produced by enterprises of all branches is 93% (148 billion rubles in 2019), which is 15% of the total volume of shipped goods in Leningrad region. The main share (80%) in the volume of manufacturing industry belongs to food industry enterprises.

Large enterprises:

  • Philip Morris Izhora – manufacture of tobacco products
  • Cres Neva – products for tobacco goods manufacture
  • JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS RUS – manufacture of coffee products
  • Confectionery Association Lyubimy Kray – manufacture of confectionery products
  • Pit-Product – different types of sausage products, semi-finished food products
  • MM Polygrafoformlenie Packaging – packaging for food products
  • Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies – manufacture of gas turbines
  • Keramin Saint Petersburg – manufacture of ceramic tile
  • Production Association SANT – metalworking industry (canning package for food industry)
  • Production Association ONIMA-Stal – production of bulky spatial metal structures
  • Skif – furniture fronts
  • Scientific and Research Production Company Elektron – development and production of modern medical equipment

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