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Luzhsky municipal district


Luzhsky municipal district is situated in the southern part of Leningrad region. It is bordered by Gatchinsky municipal district of Leningrad region in the north, Tosnensky district in the east, Slantsevsky district in the west, Volosovsky district in the north-west, Novgorod region in the south-west and Pskov region in the south.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 140 km

Administrative centre: Luga

Area: 6,006.4 square km

Population: 70,787 people (urban population – 52.8%, rural population – 47.2%)

Infrastructure: the total length of general purpose roads within the borders of Luzhsky municipal district is 1926.031 km, including 118.631 km of federal highways, 791.4 km of regional roads, 1016.0 km of local roads, according to the data provided by the administrations of the rural and urban settlements.

Economy: the volume of shipped industrial products in January-September 2020 amounted to 13,370.5 million rubles (110.3% in comparison with the same period of 2019). The average number of employees in large and medium-sized enterprises in the first half of 2020 amounted to 2,910 people. The average salary of the employees of industrial enterprises over the first half of 2020 amounted to 42,062 rubles.

Large enterprises:

  • Luga Mixed Fodder Factory – manufacture of mixed fodder
  • Luga Cannery – manufacture of food products, including beverages
  • Luga Plant Belkozin – manufacture of products based on natural protein
  • Luga Dairy Factory – manufacture of food products
  • Luga Bread-baking Complex – manufacture of food products
  • Himik – chemical industry
  • Luga Abrasive Plant – manufacture of other nonmetallic mineral products
  • Tolmachevsky Reinforced Concrete and Metal Constructions Plant – manufacture of other nonmetallic mineral products
  • Breeze – manufacture of electrical machines and equipment
  • Faurecia Interior Luga – manufacture car components
  • Peterburgskoe Steklo – production of glass bottles

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