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Podporozhsky municipal district


Podporozhsky municipal district is located in the north-east of Leningrad region. Podporozhsky district is situated in the basins of the Svir and the Oyat rivers and Lake Onega, the cleanest lake in Europe. The district borders Republic of Karelia in the north, Vologda region in the west, Tikhvinsky and Lodeynopolsky districts of Leningrad region in the south and east. The territory of the district extends to 110 km from the north to the south and to 90 km from the west to the east.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 250 km

Administrative centre: Podporozhye

Area: 7,705 square km

Population: 27,689 people (urban population – 86.6%, rural population – 13.4%)

Infrastructure: Podporozhsky district has a well-developed transport network:

  • railway transport: Oktyabrskaya Railway Saint Petersburg – Murmansk;
  • road transport: Saint Petersburg – Vytegra motorway passes the territory of the district. The total length of the roads is 775.318 km including 568.418 km of regional roads and 206.9 km of inner settlements roads;
  • water transport: there are several cargo berths belonging to enterprises in the territory of the district: in Vazhiny, Voznesenye, Nikolsky, Podporozhye and near Tolstoye at Lake Onega.

Economy: the district has an industrial economy. The industry of the district arose mostly from local resources, it includes logging and wood processing industry, building materials industry, power engineering. Besides, the industry of the region includes manufacture engineering and metalworking goods, repair of vessels, production of bridge constructions and other structures made of reinforced concrete, light and food industry enterprises.

According to the results of 2019, the volume of shipped goods produced by large and medium-sized enterprises of the district amounted to 7,712.94 million rubles, 70.78% of the total volume is provided by industrial enterprises.

Large enterprises:

  • Metsa Forest Podporozhye – logging
  • Karier-Sheleiki – stone mining for construction needs
  • Podporozhsky Mechanical Plant – manufacture of building metal constructions
  • Podporozhsky Bread-Baking Complex – manufacture of bread and confectionery products
  • Podporozhsky Zavod MZhBK – branch of Mostozhelezobetonkonstruktsiya – manufacture of concrete goods
  • Clothing Factory BTK-Group – production of overalls
  • Severo-Zapadniy Holding – production of pellet fuel
  • Voznesenskaya Fleet – Repair and Operation Base – repair of vessels
  • ECOTECH – production of pellet fuel
  • Metsa Svir – production of sawn timber and wood chips

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