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Priozersky municipal district


Municipal unit Priozersky municipal district of Leningrad region is situated in the eastern and the north-eastern parts of the unique Karelian Isthmus. The territory of the district adjoins Lake Ladoga in the east, borders Vsevolozhsky district in the south, Vyborgsky district in the west and Republic of Karelia in the north.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 127 km

Administrative centre: Priozersk

Area: 3,597 square km

Population: 60,351 people (urban population – 36.3%, rural population – 63.7%)

Infrastructure: the territory of the district is crossed by a railway, total length of the railway track is 100.2 km. The total length of local roads is 840.6 km, including paved roads – 507.4 km. 208.7 km of these roads are on the balance of Priozersky municipal district.

Economy: the economy of Priozersky district has diversified structure, its main branches are granite extraction and processing, forest and woodworking industry, manufacture of furniture, manufacture of agricultural production, textile manufacturing, food and processing industries, construction and road transport, service industry.

About 60% of the gross regional product is made by mining and manufacturing industries, and up to 20% by agriculture.

The total volume of shipped goods produced by large and medium-sized enterprises and organizations of the main types of economic activity amounted to 23.8 billion rubles in the current prices in 2019, and 9.9 billion rubles in January-June 2020. The share of industrial enterprises of the district in the total volume of goods produced by all enterprises of Leningrad region is insignificant – less than 1%.

Large enterprises:

  • Lider – manufacture of furniture
  • Priozersky Bread-Baking Complex – manufacture of food products
  • Aelita – manufacture of other goods
  • Kuznechnoe Stone-working Plant – manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
  • Salma – apparel production
  • Delo – woodworking
  • Orica Saint Petersburg – chemical industry
  • Lesplitinvest – woodworking

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