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Sosnovoborsky urban district


Sosnovoborsky urban district of Leningrad region is located on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland. Sosnovoborsky urban district borders Lomonosovsky municipal district of Leningrad region along the whole length of the land frontier of the district. The town has a developed passenger and cargo railway and road transportation, as well as sea berths for small-sized vessels, used for delivery of large-sized equipment by sea.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 80 km

Administrative centre: Sosnovy Bor

Area: 72 square km

Population: 67,720 people (urban population – 100%)

Infrastructure: a distinctive feature of the location of the town is convenient transport connections with already operating ports and ports under construction in the Gulf of Finland.

The town is connected with neighbouring towns and settlements by railway and road transport.

There are regional roads “Saint Petersburg – May 1” (its total length is 13.6 km), “Kovashi – Saint Petersburg” (total length 2.7 km) and a section of Oktyabrskaya railway passing the territory of Sosnovoborsky urban district. There is a regional road “Saint Petersburg – Kingisepp” 35 km away from the town. There are no federal motorways in the territory of the municipal unit.

The total length of general-purpose roads, which are town streets and passages, within the limits of the municipal unit is 67 km. All roads are paved.

Economy: 110 large and medium-sized enterprises, 900 small and micro enterprises, over 1,400 individual entrepreneurs operate in the district. In the first half of 2020 the turnover of large and medium-sized enterprises has grown by 7.6% in comparison with the similar period of the previous year and amounted to 70 billion rubles.

The prevailing branches of economy in Sosnovy Bor are energy industry, construction, manufacturing industries and science, and energy industry provides one half of the total volume of products manufactured by large and medium-sized enterprises of the town.

The industry occupies the leading position in the economy of the district – more than 50% of the total turnover of large and medium-sized enterprises in the district.

Large enterprises:

  • Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, a branch of Rosenergoatom Concern – production, transmission and distribution of electric power, gas, steam and hot water
  • Industrial Enterprises Directorate – production of ready-mix concrete, production of concrete goods for construction needs, production of building metal goods
  • Abrasive Technologies – production of other nonmetallic mineral products – abrasive fibre cloth
  • Concern Titan-2 – general construction works on the erection of buildings, engineering and technical designing in industry and construction
  • Installation and Construction Directorate No. 90 – assembling and production of metal building constructions
  • Sosnovoborelektromontazh – assembling of buildings made of fabricated structures, electrical installation works, insulating works
  • SUS (Northern Construction Management) – construction of buildings
  • Alexandrov Research Institute – scientific research and development in natural science and technics
  • Scientific Research Institute for Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering – scientific research and development in natural science and technics
  • Ecomet-S – provision of services on recycling and disposal of metal waste contaminated with radioactive substances

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